Wedding Trends 2016


The longer I'm in the wedding flower business, the more I notice different trends surfacing both locally and in the wedding world at large. Here are my insights into what is "in" right now. If anyone else cares to weigh in on what they think is popular for weddings this year, I'd love to hear it! We are seeing a lot of coral colors being requested once again. Also lots of blush colors: very light pinks, peaches and yellows. I am surprised to see a lot of this dark red maroon color (as pictured below). When coupled with lighter colors, like pink, it is stunning! Blues and grays, especially with yellow, are popular too. And of course, white is always gorgeous!


A looser style for wedding bouquets and arrangements in general are taking center stage. The tight, compact bouquet is being replaced by lots of greenery and flowing, natural-looking bouquets with lots of garden flowers.


Metallics, especially mercury glass, are showing up just about everywhere. Just look at the latest magazines with floral pictures! If you see a gold or silver vessel that looks antiquated - that's mercury glass! It gives everything a beautiful time-worn look while adding a sparkle at the same time. We love it!

mercury glass

Ribbons! They are popping up - in bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres, and other decorations. They are beautiful when included in the bridal bouquet (and bridemaids) to add extra color and movement to the bouquet. We are also seeing long ribbon streamers cascading down from the handle of a bouquet. In corsages and boutonnieres, a tiny bow tucked underneath the flowers give an extra touch of color and grace.


Garlands on focal pieces like arbors and trellises, are still a big favorite. And we are seeing them for table decorations too; going down the center of a long table, or a small garland circle in the middle of the table. Lots of greens with flowers. Yum!


What else are you seeing? We would love to hear what you think is going to be big this year!

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ASCFG Local Flowers Documentary

Hello friends! We wanted to share this short documentary made by the ASCFG to inform you of the benefits of buying locally grown flowers instead of the usual imported flowers sold at most grocery stores and traditional flower shops. Fresh flowers last longer, smell better, and support our local community in a truly beautiful way. Our gardens at Flourish are at the heart of our business and we are so excited to be expanding and focusing on growing more fresh flowers to provide you with the highest quality product possible for your wedding or table. Thanks for watching and feel free to share with your friends!

Introducing Flourish Classes for 2016


We are very excited to announce the very first design classes to be offered by Flourish! Start marking your calendar for the following dates and spread the word to family and friends!  

Friday, April 15 6:30pm Corsages and Boutonnieres- Little Flower Jewels Whether you want to make your own for prom, Mother's Day, a DIY wedding, or just to get this skill under your belt, this class will give you what you need to know to make these floral treasures. You will learn the mechanics behind making a shoulder corsage, wirst corsage and boutonniere.  If you get excited by little details and playing with flowers, you will love this class!!!

Taught by Trish, Cost $45



Thursday, May 5

6:30 pm

Spring Has Sprung Centerpieces

Using the first offerings from the cutting gardens, we will create a gorgeous centerpiece to grace your table (or give to your mom for Mother's Day!).  Learn the basics of structuring a flowing, natural looking centerpiece with greens and spring flowers.  Bring your mom or a friend along for some quality mother-daughter or girl time; or just come yourself and meet some fellow flower lovers like you!

Taught by Trish, Cost $65



Monday, September 12 6:30pm Dried Flower Wreath Want to save that summer color in your home or give a thoughtful gift to a special friend for Christmas?  Come and enjoy a fun evening out with other flower enthusiasts to create a beautiful dried flower wreath.  Made from some of our own flowers lovingly dried here in the barn, get ready to create an "everlasting" decoration for just the spot in your home you've been needing to fill! Taught by Donna, Cost $72



Monday, November 21 6:30pm Boxwood Trees - A New Christmas Classic! These trees look easy to make, but there are a few tricks to them!  Come and enjoy learning how to make a new holiday decoration that is very long lasting, as well as beautiful!  These little "trees" are about 18" high and are made from little clippings of boxwood inserted into floral foam.  Then we will decorate the trees with some holiday accents to make the cutest little tree!  A perfect gift for someone who does not have the space for a large tree or just as a focal decoration in your foyer or dining room table.

Taught by Trish, Cost $55



All classes will be held at the Flourish barn at 1518 Main Street, East Earl Pa 17519.  We will need at least 5 people to sign up in order to hold each class. To reserve your spot for any of the classes you can call or text Trish at 717-715-5231 or send an email to Checks can be sent to Flourish at 1513A Main Street East Earl Pa 17519. Supplies are included but please plan to bring your own scissors or flower clippers.

Trish Snyder is the founder and owner of Flourish (formerly Trisha's Flowers).  Self taught until she wanted and needed more skills, she graduated from Longwood Garden's Floral Design Program in 2013 and became a member of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers in 2015.  In business since 2001, her love of growing flowers and doing weddings and events has merged together to become a true joy in her life! Trish is married to Bob and has four children who understand that mom just gets way too excited about flowers, but they love her anyway.

Donna VanScyoc is Flourish's second head designer.  Her love of color, design and beauty has flourished (no pun intended) for many years as an artist herself, as well as an art teacher. She  also did floral designs for Barevile Furniture and has worked in the craft department of Stauffer’s of Kissel Hill. Her love of flowers and design is evident in her beautiful wedding work.  She is married to Mark and has a son.


(feature photo credit rifle paper co.)

Wedding in the Woods


Mattie and Kyle's wedding was our first experience doing flowers for an outdoor wedding in January! They were blessed with a sunny winter weekend. Everything looks so cozy and beautiful in the pictures! We love Mattie's choice to use winter greens mixed with little wax flowers, brunia and garden roses. The textures and colors complimented each other perfectly. Enjoy the following photos curtesy of Rebekah Viola Photography!  

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Having your own business has many challenges that pop up everyday. One big one that many new business owners put a lot of thought into is their name. When I started Trisha's Flowers in 2001 I choose a name that didn't require much explanation. As the years have progressed I have increasingly wanted to change the name to something that more descriptively expresses what I long to do with my business, and it is....Flourish! The word Flourish for me encompasses many thoughts into one - and I love them all!

"Flourish" implies that something is healthy and growing to it's utmost potential. This is our goal with everything we grow. We are certainly students in God's great outdoor classroom of our gardens, but school never gets boring!

To do something with a flourish to us means to do it well and with excellence, beauty, and creativity; going beyond mediocre. Our passion is to do skillful work, be good to our customers, and keep on learning and growing with the trends in the floral world.

Lastly, we want our lives and the lives we touch to flourish. That much anticipated wedding day, the momentous birthday celebration, the weekly bouquet on the dining room table, the bouquet given just because there is love between two people; every ordinary and life changing moment deserves to be fully enjoyed. We believe that when life's junctures include flowers, we are able to stop and more fully appreciate the moment and people around us. And when you get down to the most important parts of life, relationships are a big part of what help us to flourish and fully embrace the goodness in life.

"The righteous will flourish like a palm tree, they will grow like a cedar of Lebanon; planted in the house of the LORD, they will flourish in the courts of our God. They will still bear fruit in old age, they will stay fresh and green..." (Psalm 92:12-14)



Looking forward to many years of flourishing flowers and seeing your lives flourish along with them!


5 Things to Keep in Mind while Planning your 2016 Cutting Garden


Happy New Year! Winter is often a time when people are starting to plan their garden for next growing season. I have been busy doing just that and came up with these 5 things to keep in mind while you plan your 2016 cutting garden...

1. How many plants to buy.

This was a big one for me!  I would get so excited about buying my new plants or seeds but I wouldn't really know how many would fit in my garden. Instead of punching in the numbers, I would just guess - sometimes it was ok, but sometimes I was really off!  Knowing this formula will give you confidence while deciding how many plants or seeds you will need to order or while buying your plants at the garden center.


Measure how long your row is (in inches) and then divide by the spacing recommended on the tag (or you can look this up online for an individual flower).  For instance, if you are planting zinnias and you want to plant them 8 inches apart, and you know your row is 5 feet in length, just multiply 5’ by 12" to get the amount of inches of your row (60 inches) and divide by 8 inches.  The answer is 7.5".  So you will need about 7-8 plants for that row.  I know this is an awfully close to math class but, hey, it comes in handy!

(Note:  If you are planting seeds , I recommend planting them much closer together and then thinning them out as they sprout to get the correct spacing.  That way if some don't come up, the others can fill in.)

2. Don't be afraid to get out there early!

Some cut flowers actually thrive in the cold weather of very early spring (think pansies!).  For these guys, you want to get out in your garden as early as possible to give them a chance to enjoy and grow in the cool, damp days of early spring.  Bells of Ireland, sweet peas, larkspur, poppies and Queen Anne's lace are in this category.  Order or buy your seeds in the dark, chilly days of winter so that you’re armed and ready when you get a decent day in March!

3. When planting seeds, plant in rows.

Oh the agony of seeing things sprout in the area you sowed but you are not sure if it's a weed or precious flower!  When you plant in rows, you can see the pattern and it's easier to identify your friends just popping out.  Weeding will also be a breeze, you can just take your hoe right between the rows!

IMG_0529 4. Never leave bare ground after planting.

You will throw a party for yourself later in the season because of all the headaches and time you will save not weeding.  Plan now to figure out your mulch of choice; mushroom mulch and regular bark mulch look nice, but you can also use grass clippings, leaves, or straw if you have access to them and are not so concerned with appearance.

5. Be hopeful but conservative! Daring but wise!

When trying a new flower, learn all you can about it, but don't buy too many until you have tested it out.  This is another hard one for me, but the truth is some flowers are just more tricky to grow and you will be glad you didn't get the 1,000 seed packet when you realize that it has to be grown by stratification, takes 3 weeks to germinate, under lights, in a greenhouse, and watered two times a day!!! (Can you tell I've done this?!) Winter is a great time to research all your dream flowers and make sure you can actually grow your favorites.  On the other hand, you will probably find new, ideal flowers by going beyond your normal choices!  And as a very wise flower farmer once said, "Seed is the cheapest investment you will make on the farm."

Spring Summer 2012 122

Hopefully this gives you some food for thought! We hope you had a merry christmas, a happy new year, and may this growing season be your best yet!!!



Pink and White September Wedding


View More: Brittney and Rory were still hanging onto summer for their end of September pink and white wedding. Their day called for a grand array of roses, dahlias, mums, stock, wax flower, hydrangea, and some of the last of our own lisanthus. We had a very full barn and even fuller cooler when everything was ready!




The willow branches, seeded eucalypus, queen annes lace, and hanging amaranthus gave the bouquets and centerpieces a loose, dreamy look we loved! Brittney chose to use these tall statement vases that we have for rent and the result was gorgeous. She also had lots of little opaque white vases in various shapes and sizes that made great centerpiece arrangements for their outdoor reception.





Enjoy the following photos captured by Susan Roark Photography...


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ASCFG Growers Intensive

A couple months ago we shared that Trisha's Flowers became members of The Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers, an organization created to provide flower growers with helpful resources and mutually benefiting connections with each other. ASCFG formed in 1988 and has grown to include more than 700 flower farmers all sharing their expertise and learning together. We are thrilled to be included in this community and have already gleaned so much practical information to help us grow better flowers.
In September, Trisha jumped at an opportunity to attend an ASCFG Growers Intensive in Virginia. Some of the best cut flower growers on the east coast were teaching from their many years of experience and Trish got to walk through their farms and see first hand how they operate. The trainings included sessions on irrigation, bouquet making, growing flowers that thrive in the cooler seasons, seed starting, cover crops, and tips for improving the farmer to florist relationship.




Valuable connections were made and there was a sense of camaraderie among all the growers who attended that was very refreshing and valuable as everyone was willing to share their successes and struggles in flower farming. The whole experience was tremendously helpful and Trish was able to walk away with a wealth of practical information about how to grow flowers more wisely; some of which we have already begun to implement in our gardens!

image2 (11)


image1 (14)

Champagne Rose Wedding


We had a lot of pink and white weddings this season and wanted to highlight this beautiful one for you today. May 2nd was Amber and Brent's special day which we got to accent with dozens of champagne roses and just a touch of baby's breath. Sometimes simplicity is just perfect and we think Amber made a lovely choice with her flowers. Enjoy the following photos captured by Janae Rose Photography. AMBERBRENT306





We love giving the flower girls their own mini bouquets or head pieces like this one. We crafted this out of a simple headband and some smaller roses and buds. The ring bearer also got his own boutonniere. The centerpieces below are another beautiful touch to Amber and Brent's decor.




Mini Workshop


There have been so many fun opportunities for us to expand our skills and learn new techniques for everything from growing to designing lately, and we love it!  Earlier this month, one of Trisha's good friends and a fellow Lancaster County floral designer, Kate of Forte Florals, came to the barn to give us a mini training session on some tips she had just learned at a Floret Flowers workshop. It was such a refreshing morning doing what we all love most, playing with flowers! IMG_1411

The style Kate was showing us has a more free flowing, natural, and loose look that we are all starting to fall in love with. She walked us through several basic steps for creating a beautiful bridal bouquet composed of so many varieties of greens and blooms all complimenting each other perfectly.


1. Establish your shape by making an X with two stems of greens. 2. Build your foundation using a variety of greens. 3. Add airy elements, keeping your grip loose and turning your bouquet in all directions. Consider standing in front of a mirror to be able to see the bunch from the back or having a friend hold your bouquet while you continue to add greens. 4. Thread in color. 5. Finish with delicate accents, letting each unique flower and green take it's place. 6. Tie and fluff. Consider using a long ribbon with two colors that accent the bouquet appropriately.



A couple points that stood out to us from the day that we hope to incorporate into our work in the future...

  • IMG_1424

    Use a large variety of greens to establish the base of the bouquet. We were amazed at how great Kate's bouquet looked before there were even any flowers in it! (See photo to the right)

  • Prepare all of your greens and flowers before you start creating by stripping each stem ahead of time. This way you can hold the bouquet with one hand and weave in new stems with your free hand without having to worry about picking leaves off.
  • While creating, don't be afraid to hold the bouquet loosely and let things fall out as you go, the bouquet will take a more natural shape if you aren't gripping too tightly.







Whimsical Wedding


Just a couple months ago we had the privilege of working with Youwen to bring her wedding flower dreams to life and we are so excited to show you the pictures that came from it! Youwen had a particular look in mind and lots of fun challenging ideas for us to tackle. The main project was a beautiful arbor crafted from curly willow and covered in moss, ferns, peonies, and roses. It was so fun seeing this thing come together!

Setting up just a couple hours before the ceremony



We also got to piece together some flowers for the lovely cake. We ended up making a couple sections of flower adorned ribbon pieces and then pinning the ribbon into the cake. We finished by filling in the gaps with more buds and blooms and adding the moss for the fairytale land look she wanted.


We hope you enjoy the rest of these photos as much as we do! Graystone Manor is a beautiful venue and we are thankful for the opportunity to take it all in on Youwen and Eric's special day. The following photos are courtesy of John Barone Photography.






Lovely Lisianthus


We have another summer beauty to highlight for you all this week, the lovely Lisanthus! image2 (9)

We grow these elegant blooms in cream, pink, lavender, and dark purple varieties but you can also find them in green, dark rose, and some bi-colored varieties. There is lots of love for Lisianthus so we expect to see new colors coming out every year. We are hoping to grow some new colors in the coming years.
Lisianthus are an annual and must be planted outside after the froIMG_1301st.  They can take their time growing but we think they're worth the wait. They prefer to have some sort of support such as netting or stakes (as pictured on the right). Left to themselves they cannot tolerate wind very well and will topple over or will grow curvy, short stems.
Lisianthus are great for cutting because they can last a long time in the vase and compliment other flowers very nicely.
Each stem has a lot of variety within itself, with several blooms at different stages and plenty of buds. The smaller blooms and buds work great for boutonnieres!
If you love cut flowers, you will definitely not be disappointed by this lovely bloom! Here are some more pictures of how we've used lisianthus in bouquets and for events. Enjoy!



image1 (13)

Summer is for Sunflowers


Today we want to give you some helpful info on the smiling faces of summer- sunflowers! Sunflowers symbolize adoration and loyalty and those who love them are definitely loyal to the bright blooms. image2 (5)

  • Sunflowers can be planted by seed after the last threat of frost. We like to stager ours so that we have sunflowers blooming as long as possible.
  • They can be planted about 4 inches apart, but if you plant them closer together the sunflowers will grow with thinner stems and smaller blooms that are more manageable in bouquets.
  • They should be planted in direct sun.
  • You can expect your sunflowers to bloom about 4-6 weeks after planting.
  • It is best to harvest the sunflowers when the petals are just lifting off the center (as pictured below). This will give you the longest vase time.

image1 (7)

Every year it seems there are new varieties coming out on the market.  Some have greenish centers, some black, some yellow.  Some of the varieties have dark red petals, orange and light yellow.  So many types to try but each one will bring a smile to your face! One of our favorites this year is a variety named Jade (pictured below, photo credit

Jade sunflower blooming


image3 (3)

Lititz Grower Garden Tour


A couple weeks ago Trisha had the privilege of attending a Grower's Garden Tour and Information Session on a lovely flower farm in Lititz. First she got to tour the gardens with the group and was so utterly inspired by all the types of flowers. We have so many on our list for next year, we're just hoping we have room for them all!!! Trish is truly like a kid in a candy store (or maybe even worse) when doing things like this. She can't help squealing when she sees a new beautiful cut flower and is constantly thinking, "I must have that!" The Ornamental Kale pictured below is a perfect example!


image2 (3)


image3 (2)

After the tour the group met under a large tent to "talk shop". It was a great opportunity to hear from all the experienced growers and get specific information on the best ways to grow some of our favorite flowers. For example, a new tip she picked up about sunflowers is that you can plant cutting sunflowers as close as 1 1/2 inches apart to get the thinner stems and smaller flowers that most florists and customers want. Because who likes to have a huge "log" in your vase? Too easy to tip over on your good dining table!

After the discussion, everyone got to go around and look at the flower arrangements that each person brought to the tour from their own gardens. They could compare notes and Trish learned about a lot of new varieties that the other farmers had tried and got to share a some tips from our gardens as well.

image1 (6)

We are excited to apply some of what she learned and can't wait to expand our gardens to include some fresh new varieties next year!

Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers


ASCFG logo BESTWe love using our creativite skills to approach the design aspect of what we do as as a team at Trisha's Flowers. The challenge of having an idea presented to us and all the resources in front of us to bring it to life is exciting and very rewarding; but what may be even more satisfying for us is the hard work of growing a lot of our own flowers. We love knowing that everyone who comes to us has the possibility of having their flowers come from their own local area. Our gardens are a very important part of Trisha's Flowers and also where we are stirring up some dreams for the future. Trisha recently became a member of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers, an organization created to educate and support farmer florists like herself. The association offers a lot of quality resources from which we hope to gain as a cut flower provider. Membership will give us access to a world wide community of flower farmers, some more experienced than ourselves, who we can communicate with and learn from. We will also receive a quarterly publication with up to date growing and harvesting information, including new varieties of our favorite blooms. Needless to say, we are very excited to have all these new resources at our fingertips and can't wait to expand our gardening knowledge and territory!


Keep an eye out for more updates on our gardens coming soon! You can find out more about ASCFG at their website by clicking right here.

Zinnia Love


Today we want to give you all some fun facts and quick tips for growing and enjoying everyone's summer favorite, zinnias! Zinnias are an annual, which means you have to plant them each year, but they are very easy to grow from seed. It's important to note that they do not like the cold so make sure to get the seeds in the ground after the last frost of the year and plant in an area that gets lots of sun.

The best thing about Zinnias is their color! They come in a huge variety of fun bright colors and different size blooms.



image4 (1)


image3 (1)


image2 (2)

Zinnias like to be pruned and will continue to produce new blooms all summer long, so you can feel free to cut to your hearts content. They are beautiful in all different kinds of bouquets, for special events or just pretty bunches around the house. I personally think they are great for summer picnics or outdoor parties. Here's some arrangements we have put together:




Our zinnias are thriving in the gardens and you are more then welcome to order ahead or stop by to pick up a bunch. Most importantly, we hope you get a chance to enjoy their burst of color and sweet cheery faces this summer!

May Wedding


We are excited to give you a peak at a very recent wedding that we did just this past May. White and peachy pink were Jess's colors and she really hit the mark for us to use some of our all time favorites: coral peonies, double daffodils, and ranunculus! The coral and soft pinks worked so well with the bright blue accents that she chose. Congratulations Jess and Ryan, we're so happy for you!! Photographs taken by Janae Rose Photography.













Pink and Snowy White Wedding


This post takes us back to one of the coldest months of Winter 2015. Stephen and Jenni got married on a beautiful snowy day in February and we were so happy to add a touch of spring warmth to their winter wonderland. One challenge with this wedding was just making sure the flowers didn't freeze from the below zero temperatures outside. The floral cooler in the barn that usually keeps the flowers fresh and protected from the heat actually acted as a heater this time to keep these beauties alive.  Spring peonies, ranunculus, garden roses, and succulents all wrapped together with dusty miller and seeded eucalyptus gave this wedding a lovely touch of warmth and color. We hope you enjoy these photos captured by Optika Photography.  

S&J Wedding Optika Photography Lancaster-2


S&J Wedding Optika Photography Lancaster-1-2


S&J Wedding Optika Photography Lancaster-3


S&J Wedding Optika Photography Lancaster-4-3


S&J Wedding Optika Photography Lancaster-4

Recital Time!


Summer is here and with it comes dance recital flower sales for Trisha's Flowers! Recital time always floods the barn (and the cooler) with color as we gather as many types of flowers as we can to make beautiful bouquets for the girls. A couple days before the recital we fill the counter with all our blooms and go down the line creating mixed bunches with a variety of colors and textures. We were excited to use so many of our own homegrown flowers this year including snap dragons, larkspur, queen annes lace, and hydrangea.



The day of the recital we set up our flowers and wait for parents, grandparents, and friends to choose the perfect bouquet for their dancer. It's so fun to be a part of the excitement and beauty of the evening. The girls are so happy to receive their flowers after a year of hard work on their dance routines.





On our way home one of our favorite things to do is to stop at a fast food restaurant and give the drive-through cashier a leftover rose or two from our flower filled night. It always takes them by surprise and we love to watch their face light up when they receive the unexpected gift.