Wedding Trends 2016


The longer I'm in the wedding flower business, the more I notice different trends surfacing both locally and in the wedding world at large. Here are my insights into what is "in" right now. If anyone else cares to weigh in on what they think is popular for weddings this year, I'd love to hear it! We are seeing a lot of coral colors being requested once again. Also lots of blush colors: very light pinks, peaches and yellows. I am surprised to see a lot of this dark red maroon color (as pictured below). When coupled with lighter colors, like pink, it is stunning! Blues and grays, especially with yellow, are popular too. And of course, white is always gorgeous!


A looser style for wedding bouquets and arrangements in general are taking center stage. The tight, compact bouquet is being replaced by lots of greenery and flowing, natural-looking bouquets with lots of garden flowers.


Metallics, especially mercury glass, are showing up just about everywhere. Just look at the latest magazines with floral pictures! If you see a gold or silver vessel that looks antiquated - that's mercury glass! It gives everything a beautiful time-worn look while adding a sparkle at the same time. We love it!

mercury glass

Ribbons! They are popping up - in bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres, and other decorations. They are beautiful when included in the bridal bouquet (and bridemaids) to add extra color and movement to the bouquet. We are also seeing long ribbon streamers cascading down from the handle of a bouquet. In corsages and boutonnieres, a tiny bow tucked underneath the flowers give an extra touch of color and grace.


Garlands on focal pieces like arbors and trellises, are still a big favorite. And we are seeing them for table decorations too; going down the center of a long table, or a small garland circle in the middle of the table. Lots of greens with flowers. Yum!


What else are you seeing? We would love to hear what you think is going to be big this year!