growing tips

Delightful Daffodils


As winter begins to melt away and the days start getting longer, one of the hopeful signs that spring has arrived is the appearance of the first daffodils. These perky flowers are sure to bring joy as their sunny heads sway in the breeze. Our first little bits of green are poking through and we can't wait till they make their full debut. We thought it might be good to give you a few helpful hints and tips for the world of daffodils.

  • There are actually a variety of daffodils that vary in shape, size, and color; some are full and fragrant, others dainty and classic.
  • Planting time is in the fall and you can expect to see their happy faces at the end of March to the beginning of April.
  • For a longer life in a vase, harvest daffodils as soon as you see a little color and watch them stretch their petals out over time.
  • When harvesting daffodils for a mixed floral arrangement, you must let them condition for at least 1 hour in water by themselves. Daffodils secrete a sap that is toxic to other flowers and could harm them when mingled immediately.

We hope this is helpful! Enjoy!