Garden Wrap Up


The first frost of the season is steadily approaching which means the end of the cutting gardens at Trisha's Flowers for the year. Things are looking very different since we've already pulled out quite a bit, and harvested some flowers for drying. We wanted to give you an update of how the garden went this summer, based on a blog post (check out the post here) we did this Spring telling you about some new techniques we were going to try.

First, let's talk about woven ground cover. This was our first year using this to help with weeds and let me tell you, it was worth it! The tarp almost completely eliminates weeds, and helps hold in moisture longer. Also, we saved a lot of time and money by not mulching the areas where we used the tarp. We definitely plan on using this again next year and are so happy with the results! Here's an example of what it looked like when we first planted:

(Photo Source: Floret Farm)

Next, we also tried doing a layer of wet newspaper, with top soil on top to plant seeds directly in. This also worked really well for us. The top soil was obviously weed free to begin with, which seemed to give the little seeds a head start in the growing process. Those areas did get some weeds, but much less than normal which is always a good thing.

Now we're getting ready to plant some more tulip bulbs, a few new peonies, and some anemones! All of these will go in the ground in the next days and they get us so excited for Spring! The peonies take 3 years to really flower, so we won't be seeing anything from them next year, but we look forward to introducing anemones again! Hope you're enjoying fall and these last few warm days before winter is upon us!

Trisha's Flower Garden


Things are blooming and growing here in the gardens at Trisha's Flowers. We thought we would give you a sneak peak at some of the beautiful blooms currently in the garden. Remember, you can always stop by our location in East Earl to cut your own! Clippers and containers for water are provided.

Zinnia - Every year we grow a variety of colors.

Hanging Amaranthus - This is our first time growing this one. These dangling flowers are great for cascading arrangements and bouquets.

Snap dragons - These long colorful stalks are bright and cheery.

Lisianthus - Similar to a rose in shape, but with slightly more delicate petals. Each bloom is accompanied by a few small buds that give a fun variety of shape and color. We have ivory, purple, and pale pink.

Larkspur - long and skinny with lovely purple or pink petals.

Ageratum - these fuzzy pale purple flowers bring unique texture to your arrangements.


Time to Plant!


Today was a seed-planting day at Trisha's Flowers. It's still amazing to us that such beauty and life can come from such a tiny seed. We love to watch the garden change and grow over the next months and still get giddy when we harvest all that colorful goodness!

We're trying some new techniques this year in the garden. Weeds can be an expensive and time consuming problem. This year we're trying some new methods of planting that will hopefully cut back on the amount of weeds in our cutting gardens. For some of the seeds we planted today, we laid down a layer of newspaper, 'watered it' and then added a layer of topsoil. The hope is that the seeds will be able to grow in weed free soil. Secondly, we laid out some weed fabric or 'woven ground cover' for planting some of our bigger plants. Just cut an 'x' in the fabric and then plant your flowers in the small opening. We'll see how it turns out this year and let you know! Here's hoping we can spend a lot more time harvesting and a lot less time weeding!


Alexis + Broke [Monochromatic Wedding]


Alexis and Broke had an early November outdoor wedding. The weather turned out to be amazingly warmer than usual and everything worked out beautifully. This wedding was so much fun to do, and we loved playing with the colors she chose. With each of the groomsmen and bridesmaids wearing different, but corresponding colors, the flowers were very eye-catching. Check out some of these pictures from her big day

To see more beautiful pictures of their wedding, check out the photographer, Janae Rose Photography's website.

Book Your Wedding Consultation!


Wedding season is coming to a close. We've had a lot of fun this year with a variety of themes, colors, flowers and textures. If you're engaged and planning your celebration for next year, contact Trish for your free consultation and estimate! We would love to help make your special day beautiful, colorful, and everything you imagined!  



Custom Dried Wreaths


Wanting to decorate your home for the fall? Contact Trisha's Flowers for a custom dried floral wreath. Whether indoor, outdoor, or even used as a centerpiece, you will love the splash of color and natural beauty a dried wreath can bring to your home. Start imagining what you might want in your wreath. Maybe some vibrant dried flowers mixed with wheat and grasses? Or add some more texture with dried fruit, walnuts, twine, pine cones or cinnamon sticks! And, you can never go wrong with some bright orange bittersweet berries, corn husks, and dried gourds.

(The top 3 wreaths were made at Trisha's Flowers. The cover photo and the rest are simply examples to inspire!)





Did you know Trisha's Flowers also has items to rent for your event or wedding? In the next weeks we hope to have the website updated with a "Rental" page to showcase all of our unique and beautiful decorative pieces. One of our favorite rentals are these handmade wooden 'window boxes.' We have 18 of these rustic boxes and the options for using them are endless! Try them out as a centerpiece with your table numbers (pictured below), or a place to put cards on the gift table, or even a charming way to display your favors. They're an invitation to use that imagination of yours!