dried flowers

Wreath Class


We thoroughly enjoyed hosting a group of ladies this month for our first fall wreath class! Donna did a great job taking us through the steps of crafting our wreaths with dried flowers, grasses, mini pumpkins and gourds, and more. The results were so unique and very festive! image3



Here are some things to consider if you want to try your hand at making a wreath to adorn your door this fall...


  • Decide on a shape for your design. There are no set rules when it comes to styling your wreath. Depending on what you like, you may choose to take your flowers all the way around the circle or have everything resting at the bottom or going up one side, but it is good to have an idea before you start gluing anything down.
  • Choose your design items. Donna suggested using about 3-5 different colors or shapes on one wreath. You don't want too many different things going on at once or your eyes will get lost. Choosing different textures and either complimenting or contrasting colors will make everything flow beautifully.
  •  Balance. Balance doesn't necessarily mean symmetry. Donna's demonstration wreath (above) is a good example of this. She chose a pumpkin for the focal point in the center and then used similar elements on either side but not always the exact amount of each item. Try stepping away from the wreath and looking at it from a distance to see if there is a hole that needs filled.

Glue and Hanging. Wreaths hold together best with hot glue and lots of it. Be careful not to burn your fingers and remember to hold each piece in place for a few seconds to makes sure it stays put while the glue dries. When it's time to hang your finished product, we recommend using a thick wire to make a loop towards the top of the back of your wreath. Your wreath will be much more secure if you hang it by the wire instead of mounting the base itself directly onto your door hook.

Happy wreathing!!











Dried Wreaths


The rafters here at Trisha's Flowers are filling up with some flowers from the gardens to dry. We love the look of a dried floral wreath and wanted to let you know we are currently doing made-to-order wreaths for the fall season! Give us a call or contact us via our social media outlets to order your custom made wreath! Soak in this last leg of fall before winter arrives!

Custom Dried Wreaths


Wanting to decorate your home for the fall? Contact Trisha's Flowers for a custom dried floral wreath. Whether indoor, outdoor, or even used as a centerpiece, you will love the splash of color and natural beauty a dried wreath can bring to your home. Start imagining what you might want in your wreath. Maybe some vibrant dried flowers mixed with wheat and grasses? Or add some more texture with dried fruit, walnuts, twine, pine cones or cinnamon sticks! And, you can never go wrong with some bright orange bittersweet berries, corn husks, and dried gourds.

(The top 3 wreaths were made at Trisha's Flowers. The cover photo and the rest are simply examples to inspire!)