Do it Yourself


It can be very fulfilling and satisfying when you push through hurdles and mistakes in order to do something on your own. With the resource of the internet at most people's finger tips, it seems like the options are endless for what you can make without prior knowledge or skill. Here at Trisha's Flowers, we are passionate about seeing your event made special and complete, even if you'd rather do it on your own. Contact us for a free consultation and estimate for your wedding or event, and then order your flowers and greens through us. We've had the pleasure of supplying many brides, and here are a few pictures of what they came up with!

Book Your Wedding Consultation!


Wedding season is coming to a close. We've had a lot of fun this year with a variety of themes, colors, flowers and textures. If you're engaged and planning your celebration for next year, contact Trish for your free consultation and estimate! We would love to help make your special day beautiful, colorful, and everything you imagined!