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Slow Flowers


There is something so delightful about picking an armful of flowers and foliage right from your backyard to adorn your dining room table or gift to a friend. We know that not every home is befit with the space and soil to make that possible, and not everyone can take the time to grow their own flowers but we still believe in the value of knowing where your flowers come from. That's why we are so excited to be listed on the database. 14006448213_bd7706ca59_z

Slow Flowers is an online directory created to help the general public find florists, farmers, and designers who are dedicated to growing or using American grown flowers for their trade or craft. The idea of "slow" flowers is similar to the farm-to-table concept, also known as "slow food". We all enjoy the experience of stopping by a road side stand to pick up some homegrown strawberries, knowing they were grown only a few yards from the stand and quite possibly picked by the same person we paid. Buying local seasonal produce is not only great for the tastebuds but also for the community. Choosing local flowers is just as enriching and beneficial for grower and buyer alike.

Debra Prinzing, creator of Slow Flowers, explains, "[It's] about the artisanal, anti-mass-market approach to celebrations, festivities, and floral gifts of love...I want to know where the flowers and greenery were grown, and who grew them. Having a relationship with the grower who planted and nurtured each flower is nothing short of magical..."

You can read more about the Slow Flower movement at her website by clicking here. We encourage you to support your local flower farmers and enjoy getting to know the "faces behind the flowers".


Some of our own hydrangea growing in the gardens