Trisha's Flower Garden


Things are blooming and growing here in the gardens at Trisha's Flowers. We thought we would give you a sneak peak at some of the beautiful blooms currently in the garden. Remember, you can always stop by our location in East Earl to cut your own! Clippers and containers for water are provided.

Zinnia - Every year we grow a variety of colors.

Hanging Amaranthus - This is our first time growing this one. These dangling flowers are great for cascading arrangements and bouquets.

Snap dragons - These long colorful stalks are bright and cheery.

Lisianthus - Similar to a rose in shape, but with slightly more delicate petals. Each bloom is accompanied by a few small buds that give a fun variety of shape and color. We have ivory, purple, and pale pink.

Larkspur - long and skinny with lovely purple or pink petals.

Ageratum - these fuzzy pale purple flowers bring unique texture to your arrangements.