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Garden Party Photo Shoot with Char Co.


Earlier this month we had the privilege to participate in a photo shoot with the marketing and storytelling studio, Char Co. The shoot was based on exploring what goes in to hosting a summer garden party and how to be a great hostess. Flowers are a great way to decorate when it comes to relaxing summer evenings with friends. We gathered some lush greens like ivy and tansy to make the base for this garland centerpiece, perfect for running down the middle of your garden party spread. Peonies are a favorite that were in full bloom early June and brought the perfect amount of blush color to the table.

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We also had some late blooming lilacs available; they look so beautiful as garnishes for drinks and place settings! Peony buds are also a sweet touch.

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You can never have too much natural garnish for the treats you're offering your guests. New buds and the small ends of flowers add just the right touch to set this dessert apart.

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So how about you? It's not too late to plan your summer garden party! You can check out some more pictures and ideas from the shoot on Char Co.'s blog here.

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Lititz Grower Garden Tour


A couple weeks ago Trisha had the privilege of attending a Grower's Garden Tour and Information Session on a lovely flower farm in Lititz. First she got to tour the gardens with the group and was so utterly inspired by all the types of flowers. We have so many on our list for next year, we're just hoping we have room for them all!!! Trish is truly like a kid in a candy store (or maybe even worse) when doing things like this. She can't help squealing when she sees a new beautiful cut flower and is constantly thinking, "I must have that!" The Ornamental Kale pictured below is a perfect example!


image2 (3)


image3 (2)

After the tour the group met under a large tent to "talk shop". It was a great opportunity to hear from all the experienced growers and get specific information on the best ways to grow some of our favorite flowers. For example, a new tip she picked up about sunflowers is that you can plant cutting sunflowers as close as 1 1/2 inches apart to get the thinner stems and smaller flowers that most florists and customers want. Because who likes to have a huge "log" in your vase? Too easy to tip over on your good dining table!

After the discussion, everyone got to go around and look at the flower arrangements that each person brought to the tour from their own gardens. They could compare notes and Trish learned about a lot of new varieties that the other farmers had tried and got to share a some tips from our gardens as well.

image1 (6)

We are excited to apply some of what she learned and can't wait to expand our gardens to include some fresh new varieties next year!

Coming and Going


This is an exciting time of the year as we get to watch new blooms opening every day! It's so fun to see the gardens come to life and each variety of flower take it's turn, there is never a dull moment. 1234348_10152194746444466_444557596_n

Trisha's Flowers is experiencing another kind of change this season as we say goodbye to one of our favorite team members, Lindy Paurus. Lindy has been helping with everything from blogging to arranging since 2012 and has been such a blessing to our business. She has brought so much enthusiasm to every project and is always such a delight to be around. We will miss her creativity and ideas for the business but we'll miss her friendship the most!

Lindy and her family are making a big move to Minnesota, where her husband's family is from. Lindy is so appreciative of everything she got to learn while working with Trisha and the team and hopes to do some weddings of her own when they get established in Minnesota. The experience has been invaluable to her and has brought her so much life and joy.

We are so confident that she will do well with whatever she puts her hands to and we wish her the very best! Keep your eye out for Lindy Paurus in the flower business world!

You can follow along with Lindy at


The Paurus clan loading up for their big move

You may be wondering who is writing this post if it's not Lindy, so I am going to take the chance to introduce myself. My name is Rachel Nowakowski, I am good friends with Lindy, and Trisha's Flowers did the flowers for my wedding in September 2014. I grew up with a big backyard where some of my favorite memories took place,  including taking "flower walks" around the yard with my mom and dad, searching every corner to find what was blooming. Beauty in nature is a passion of mine and flowers are my favorite part. I am SO excited to be part of Trisha's Flowers and can't wait to learn everything I can!


floral crown



Historic Poole Forge Christmas Display


This year Trisha's Flowers has the wonderful opportunity of decorating a portion of the Poole Forge mansion for the annual Christmas walk through. Conveniently located 'just down the street' from the Trisha's Flowers barn, this historic mansion is a must-see year round, but especially during the holidays.

Here's an excerpt from their website about this weekend's upcoming event.

"Christmas cookies and refreshments are available to enjoy for show guests at the end of the tour. Santa will stop by with his antique sleigh on Saturdays from 1-4 p.m. for pictures with the young and the “young at heart”. In addition to our store, a Chinese Auction of items donated from our event participants may help guests with their Christmas shopping lists. Good natured competition is in the air when the participants vie for the coveted “People’s Choice Award”. First, second and third place winners will be chosen when guests vote for their favorite displays. Tickets are $5.00 per person, with children 12 years of age and under admitted for free. Come stroll through the charming park, decorated in its holiday best, sample fresh holiday goodies, and enjoy the lovely decorated trees! There is no better way to celebrate the season with friends and family and join in the merriment."

And here's a small glimpse of the Trisha's Flowers display. We hope to update you with more pictures and a recap of how things went in the future. Come on out and enjoy the festivities! You can find out more information by checking out their website here.


Colorful Fall Wedding


Steve and Rachel's September wedding was a very fun one for the Trisha's Flowers team! Rachel wanted the flowers to be the most colorful part of her wedding, and I think it was a success! We used quite the variety to pull this all together which is always exciting for us. The textures and colors made this wedding really stand out. All photos by the talented Megan Wark of Blackstone Photography

Billy buttons, hypericum, protea, straw flower, dahlias, delphinium, bells of ireland, beauty berry, celosia, gomphrena, eryngium, wax flower, and the list goes on and on!

We had the pleasure of making a floral crown for the bride. A crown is such a beautiful statement piece!

The groom's boutonniere was orange wax flower, billy buttons, eryngium (blue thistle), and pussy willow.

Each bouquet had one protea in it. This beautiful flower is actually South Africa's national flower, and brought some unique color and texture to the arrangement.

Garden Wrap Up


The first frost of the season is steadily approaching which means the end of the cutting gardens at Trisha's Flowers for the year. Things are looking very different since we've already pulled out quite a bit, and harvested some flowers for drying. We wanted to give you an update of how the garden went this summer, based on a blog post (check out the post here) we did this Spring telling you about some new techniques we were going to try.

First, let's talk about woven ground cover. This was our first year using this to help with weeds and let me tell you, it was worth it! The tarp almost completely eliminates weeds, and helps hold in moisture longer. Also, we saved a lot of time and money by not mulching the areas where we used the tarp. We definitely plan on using this again next year and are so happy with the results! Here's an example of what it looked like when we first planted:

(Photo Source: Floret Farm)

Next, we also tried doing a layer of wet newspaper, with top soil on top to plant seeds directly in. This also worked really well for us. The top soil was obviously weed free to begin with, which seemed to give the little seeds a head start in the growing process. Those areas did get some weeds, but much less than normal which is always a good thing.

Now we're getting ready to plant some more tulip bulbs, a few new peonies, and some anemones! All of these will go in the ground in the next days and they get us so excited for Spring! The peonies take 3 years to really flower, so we won't be seeing anything from them next year, but we look forward to introducing anemones again! Hope you're enjoying fall and these last few warm days before winter is upon us!

Hydrangea Wedding


Now that summer has come to a close, we look forward to seeing all the beautiful photos from all our brides we had the pleasure of working with. Here are a few snapshots from one summer wedding with beautiful coral zinnias, green hypericum, baby's breath, and green mums. The flower that really stole the show was the hydrangea. Don't those lovely full bunches look gorgeous?! Check out the photos below. Note: All of the reception flower arrangements were DIY. Photos taken by Kelsey Renee Photography

Behind the Scenes


Here's another behind the scenes look at what's been going on at Trisha's Flowers! We have quite a few fall weddings coming up and we're loving every minute of it! Here are a few snap shots of the team at work in the barn this week.

One of many trips in and out of our wonderful cooler. Some wedding weekends this cooler is packed to capacity and we fill up 3 other fridges as well!

Donna working on all the lovely bouquets for this weekend.

This beauty is an alter arrangement! Pro tip: we always fill these containers with floral foam (Oasis) in order to get the maximum amount of flowers in a small amount of space. The foam allows for a much taller arrangement as well!

The roses we got in this week were amazing! So full!

A wrist corsage

Donna adding the finishing touches to the bouquets. Just putting the bouquets together is only half the process. We wire them, wrap the handle with tape, glue on some greenery to cover any gaps underneath the flowers, and then wrap the handle again with ribbon or twine. It can be time consuming and test one's patience, but it's those little details that make the bouquet feel and look finished.

Today we did something new for this wedding. Each of the boutonnieres were assembled in a wine cork! It took us about 20 minutes of trial and error and lots of brainstorming to get it just right, but we think they turned out great! You should have seen us with all of our tools trying to figure out how to make a hole in the cork. I believe a screw, a large nail, a hammer, a pair of scissors, and a screw driver were all involved!

Willow DIY Wedding


Heather found out about Trisha's Flowers while photographing a wedding we had done the flowers for. She contacted us for ordering all of her flowers, and her aunt who is a florist in Colorado made all the magic happen. We were stunned when we saw the pictures from this gorgeous day. Who would have thought all that willow could make such a statement! We love the dramatic garlands, the elegant table runners, and of course the bride looked lovely with her floral crown and cascading bouquet. We thoroughly enjoy being a part of someone's special day, even if it's just to help supply your needs! All photos taken by the talented Jeremiah and Rachel Photography

Blue and White Peony Wedding


Here's a glimpse at a wedding we did this past Spring. The bouquets had such a fun variety including peonies, roses, bold blue delphinium, pale pink astilbe, lambs ear, wax flowers, and brunnia. This was a fun wedding to do, and looking back makes us miss the very short peony season. All photos by the talented Janae Rose Photography

We think it's so cute when the flower girl has her own mini bouquet.

This pew end made of seeded eucalyptus, wax flower, and delphinium is simple yet elegant.

We have these tall vases available for rent and they make wonderful centerpieces. The height makes it easy for guests to see across the table as well as give a dramatic touch.

Meet Our Team


Just wanted to give you all a heads up that our 'About' page has been updated! We wanted you to be able to meet our team here at Trisha's Flowers and hear a little bit of the 'why' behind the 'what'. We hope it's helpful to connect some faces and names behind the flowers you receive.


All photos taken by the talented Mark Van Scyoc. We had way too much fun doing this shoot. Although, Donna was a bit horrified that we were tearing apart all those pretty roses.