Garden Tour

Lititz Grower Garden Tour


A couple weeks ago Trisha had the privilege of attending a Grower's Garden Tour and Information Session on a lovely flower farm in Lititz. First she got to tour the gardens with the group and was so utterly inspired by all the types of flowers. We have so many on our list for next year, we're just hoping we have room for them all!!! Trish is truly like a kid in a candy store (or maybe even worse) when doing things like this. She can't help squealing when she sees a new beautiful cut flower and is constantly thinking, "I must have that!" The Ornamental Kale pictured below is a perfect example!


image2 (3)


image3 (2)

After the tour the group met under a large tent to "talk shop". It was a great opportunity to hear from all the experienced growers and get specific information on the best ways to grow some of our favorite flowers. For example, a new tip she picked up about sunflowers is that you can plant cutting sunflowers as close as 1 1/2 inches apart to get the thinner stems and smaller flowers that most florists and customers want. Because who likes to have a huge "log" in your vase? Too easy to tip over on your good dining table!

After the discussion, everyone got to go around and look at the flower arrangements that each person brought to the tour from their own gardens. They could compare notes and Trish learned about a lot of new varieties that the other farmers had tried and got to share a some tips from our gardens as well.

image1 (6)

We are excited to apply some of what she learned and can't wait to expand our gardens to include some fresh new varieties next year!