Summer is for Sunflowers


Today we want to give you some helpful info on the smiling faces of summer- sunflowers! Sunflowers symbolize adoration and loyalty and those who love them are definitely loyal to the bright blooms. image2 (5)

  • Sunflowers can be planted by seed after the last threat of frost. We like to stager ours so that we have sunflowers blooming as long as possible.
  • They can be planted about 4 inches apart, but if you plant them closer together the sunflowers will grow with thinner stems and smaller blooms that are more manageable in bouquets.
  • They should be planted in direct sun.
  • You can expect your sunflowers to bloom about 4-6 weeks after planting.
  • It is best to harvest the sunflowers when the petals are just lifting off the center (as pictured below). This will give you the longest vase time.

image1 (7)

Every year it seems there are new varieties coming out on the market.  Some have greenish centers, some black, some yellow.  Some of the varieties have dark red petals, orange and light yellow.  So many types to try but each one will bring a smile to your face! One of our favorites this year is a variety named Jade (pictured below, photo credit

Jade sunflower blooming


image3 (3)