Recital Time!


Summer is here and with it comes dance recital flower sales for Trisha's Flowers! Recital time always floods the barn (and the cooler) with color as we gather as many types of flowers as we can to make beautiful bouquets for the girls. A couple days before the recital we fill the counter with all our blooms and go down the line creating mixed bunches with a variety of colors and textures. We were excited to use so many of our own homegrown flowers this year including snap dragons, larkspur, queen annes lace, and hydrangea.



The day of the recital we set up our flowers and wait for parents, grandparents, and friends to choose the perfect bouquet for their dancer. It's so fun to be a part of the excitement and beauty of the evening. The girls are so happy to receive their flowers after a year of hard work on their dance routines.





On our way home one of our favorite things to do is to stop at a fast food restaurant and give the drive-through cashier a leftover rose or two from our flower filled night. It always takes them by surprise and we love to watch their face light up when they receive the unexpected gift.