Pretty Peonies


Today we are going to focus on the beautiful pink and white blooms you may have noticed showing up left and right in gardens and arrangements since the middle of may. Peonies are very popular for wedding bouquets because of their round delicate faces. We can't wait to use the ones we have set aside for some weddings coming up soon and have already crafted these pretty yellow and white arrangements for a rehearsal dinner. image1 (1)

Peonies are perennial plants that come in many varieties with different shades of color and sizes of flower. They can thrive year after year without very much care over the winter. You can expect to see the peony plants starting to grow in April and blooming from the beginning of spring through summer, depending on the type of plant.  Ours bloom from the middle of May and continue into June. Here are a few tips for planting, harvesting, and keeping your peonies as fresh as possible after they're cut:



  • Peonies should be planted at the end of summer, before the first autumn frost. Plant the roots about 2 inches below the ground with the eyes facing toward the surface.
  • It is best to cut peonies in the morning or the evening when the temperatures are not as intense. If you cut your blooms in the middle of the day, the plant may be stressed from the heat and your flowers won’t last as long.
  • For peony flowers that last for a week or more, cut the blooms when the bud is soft and just beginning to open. You can gently squeeze the bud to see if it is soft and ready or still hard and tight.
  • Whether you are enjoying a bouquet on your kitchen table or keeping your peonies fresh in a cooler, remember to change their water every other day and trim the end of the stem at an angle so they can absorb as much water as they need.





We have a cooler FULL of peonies at the barn at Trisha's Flowers and you are welcome to call ahead and have us put some aside for you or stop by and pick out your favorite ones! The peony season isn't long so come and get them before its too late!