Garden Photos by Mark Vanscyoc


We are very blessed to have Donna's husband, Mark Vanscyoc, generously photograph some of the special and everyday moments here at Flourish. He came over one summer morning recently to take some photos of the flower farm bathed in morning light. We are so happy to have this beauty captured so professionally! Please take the time to enjoy the following photos of one of our favorite places. Trish160609_0013

Larkspur are such a dreamy early summer flower. This year we planted a big long row of them and they grew up to our shoulders! They brought us joy all through June and into early July.


This was our first year trying to grow stock and it went pretty well! They had a short season in the field but we enjoyed them while we could.




Our ornamental kale has been steadily growing all season and we can't wait to use it come fall.




Thank you Mark for all these great shots! We appreciate you!