Coming and Going


This is an exciting time of the year as we get to watch new blooms opening every day! It's so fun to see the gardens come to life and each variety of flower take it's turn, there is never a dull moment. 1234348_10152194746444466_444557596_n

Trisha's Flowers is experiencing another kind of change this season as we say goodbye to one of our favorite team members, Lindy Paurus. Lindy has been helping with everything from blogging to arranging since 2012 and has been such a blessing to our business. She has brought so much enthusiasm to every project and is always such a delight to be around. We will miss her creativity and ideas for the business but we'll miss her friendship the most!

Lindy and her family are making a big move to Minnesota, where her husband's family is from. Lindy is so appreciative of everything she got to learn while working with Trisha and the team and hopes to do some weddings of her own when they get established in Minnesota. The experience has been invaluable to her and has brought her so much life and joy.

We are so confident that she will do well with whatever she puts her hands to and we wish her the very best! Keep your eye out for Lindy Paurus in the flower business world!

You can follow along with Lindy at


The Paurus clan loading up for their big move

You may be wondering who is writing this post if it's not Lindy, so I am going to take the chance to introduce myself. My name is Rachel Nowakowski, I am good friends with Lindy, and Trisha's Flowers did the flowers for my wedding in September 2014. I grew up with a big backyard where some of my favorite memories took place,  including taking "flower walks" around the yard with my mom and dad, searching every corner to find what was blooming. Beauty in nature is a passion of mine and flowers are my favorite part. I am SO excited to be part of Trisha's Flowers and can't wait to learn everything I can!


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