Certified and Bona fide


Lindy here, one of the team members at Trisha's Flowers, writing to tell you about one reason you can trust your floral needs with us. I specified who was writing this post so I could do a little bragging on Trish and her accomplishments. Trish has been working with flowers since 2001, but more recently has acquired some professional training and received a "Certificate of Merit in Floral Design" from Longwood Gardens. If you've never visited Longwood Gardens, I highly suggest you try. It is one of the "premier botanical gardens in the United States" and is well known all over the world! There are over 1,000 acres of gardens, woodlands, and meadows and it has one of the "worlds greatest green houses." It is a breathtaking place, and is equally as excellent in training and educating their students. Trish received a wide variety of instruction including; basic floral design, advanced floral design, intro to Ikebana, topiaries, wreaths, and much more! She sat through 14 classes and roughly 120 hours of class time taught by experts in the field! Her creative eye and outstanding execution were sharpened and she doesn't plan on stopping there as she's always looking to cultivate her skills in a greater way. We're all looking forward to the challenges and opportunities that await our team in this new year and couldn't be more confident in our competent leader. Here are a few of the designs Trish created in her Longwood Gardens Classes