Meet The Team!

Trisha Snyder

I have many memories of my Grandmother and mom spending lots of time in their gardens.  They were experts in growing things!  I caught a lot of their joy for being outside in the garden.  When I had a garden of my own, all I wanted to do was cut my flowers and bring them in the house!

 In 2001 I started some "cut your own flowers" gardens for my first customers.  I wanted to give people the same joy I had in cutting my own flowers and arranging them on my own. Slowly it evolved and people started asking me to arrange flowers and do weddings.  I found that I loved it!  Eventually I realized I wanted to learn more from experienced designers so I took a class on Wedding Flowers at Longwood Gardens.  I was like a kid in a candy store!   I loved every minute and I wanted to learn more.  I ended up taking Longwood Gardens complete course in Floral Design and graduated in fall of 2013. I still love both aspects of my business:  growing flowers in the cutting gardens as well as the floral design, especially weddings. I have a great husband and four children who are a wonderful support and at times find themselves helping me with the flowers. I have many exciting and fun plans for Flourish in the future.  Keep your eye out for more beautiful things to come!

Donna Van Scyoc

I am a wife, mom, and artist. I have taught art for 9 years in schools and have been teaching privately for over 20 years. I love spending time with my family cooking, traveling or playing games. I have been working with fresh flowers most of my life. In the 90’s I took my first professional  fresh flower class and loved it. I also have made hundreds of wreaths and centerpieces from artificial and dried flowers. I have been creating with Trish for the past 4 years and hope to continue in years to come.

Rachel Nowakowski

 I grew up with a big backyard where some of my favorite memories took place,  including taking “flower walks” around the yard with my mom and dad, searching every corner to find what was blooming. Beauty in nature is a passion of mine and flowers have always been my favorite part! I love experimenting with whatever is on hand to make something beautiful. Trish and her fantastic team did the flowers for my wedding in 2014 and I was thrilled to be able to join in the fun the following year. I love playing in the dirt in Trisha's gardens and am constantly learning while helping with CSA bouquets, weddings, and marketing.